VERIO Extra Mile Awards.

Entrepreneurial: Doing what’s best for the customer and having the foresight and the insight to see what others do not see or even comprehend.” Louis G.

Results-Driven: Gus, always goes the extra mile! He finds resolution to problems and won’t stop till an answer is found. I enjoy having him in our department, he is definitely a team player!” Sejal D.

Teamwork: For his ability to help us improve our services, for example the support web site, exemplifying teamwork.” Terri S.

Team-Oriented: Perhaps the most difficult task a tech faces is when there is nothing they can do to actually help a customer. It has been an extremely difficult week for them due to many issues out of our control – routing problems at the location where most of our servers reside, account shut-offs by AR and other issues have contributed to a very frustrating time for many of them. However, they’ve done a great job working through it, handling large volumes of calls and emails, and have truly gone the extra mile.” Terri S.

Tech Support: Gus came to us in June, but he has rapidly increased his skill set and his customer handling techniques. He is a genuine team player and often helps to smooth the rough edges in support. Gus has done an excellent job in improving our FTP training materials and often shares useful web resources with the rest of the group.” Terri S.